Fasicas & Soffits

Fascias are an important feature to your home as they protect your property from animals such as birds and rodents. If your property is relevantly old then it is a possibility that the fascias were made from wood. These types of fascias will need to be replaced with the more traditional PVC fascias as the wooden ones will begin to rot.

Our team have extensive knowledge of dealing with the replacement and repair of fascias. They understand that they finish the look of your property and we can provide fascias in different colours. The most popular colour choice Manchester is black but we can provide white fascias. We offer a high quality service at a competitive rate and guarantee you will not be disappoint with the work we carryout.

Soffits are the finished surface for the fascias and are fitted at a 90 degree angle to the wall, this hides the rafters that overlap the wall. It is general practice to have the same colour soffits as the fascias but we have found across Manchester some customers have chosen different colours which does add a nice effect to the property.

At FixAllRoofing we only use PVC fascias and soffits to ensure that they will give your property good protection from the rain but also allow your roof to breath. The use of PVC will also be long lasting as there is no risk of rotting. Our team will give you a free no obligation quote for either a repair or a new installation within Manchester and Cheshire.