Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are often forgotten as they are out of sight but it is important to ensure any issues with the chimney are repaired quickly as they can cause major problems. If you notice loose masonry these need to be repaired to avoid a full replacement of your chimney.

In Manchester and Cheshire many of our clients are aware that we suffer from high winds and significant rain fall in the winter months, so we advise to have regular maintenance checks on your chimney.

We offer a range of facilities in the Manchester area from chimney pointing and re-pointing along with replacing the brickwork. It is also possible to remove the chimney altogether which can be costly but maybe necessary to secure the effectiveness of the building.


We have a team of engineers that understanding how important it is for your property to have a working guttering system. If your guttering is not allowing the water to drain from your roof then is will cause damp problems and could become very costly to repair, so it is important to get your guttering repaired as soon as possible.

FixAllRoofing does not just repair damaged guttering we also have a service across Manchester and Cheshire to unblock clogged guttering, repair loose brackets and fix any loose guttering. It is not always necessary to replace the whole guttering system we can just repair parts of broken guttering.

Please call our Manchester based team if you are concerned about your guttering.

Roof Repairs

It is essential as a property owner to maintain and have minor roofing repairs undertaken before they emerge into more serious problems. Across Manchester we offer a free no obligation service where we will inspect the aspects of the roofs you feel may need repairing.

There are different elements that may require roof repair it could be anything from cracked tiles to subsidence. This can cause leaks into the timber and brick work which would end up to be very costly because your house will have damp spots or even dry rot.

If you have a flat roof it is important to check for the areas where the roof meets the wall as this is where you would notice the most wear and tear. Once this has been noticed and repaired early it would only be a minor repair rather than causing more problems to the roof and may cause a new roof instead of a simple repair.

If you wish to discuss our maintenance packages or are concerned you may have a repair please call one of our Manchester based team.