Roof Repairs

It is essential as a property owner to maintain and have minor roofing repairs undertaken before they emerge into more serious problems. Across Manchester we offer a free no obligation service where we will inspect the aspects of the roofs you feel may need repairing.

There are different elements that may require roof repair it could be anything from cracked tiles to subsidence. This can cause leaks into the timber and brick work which would end up to be very costly because your house will have damp spots or even dry rot.

If you have a flat roof it is important to check for the areas where the roof meets the wall as this is where you would notice the most wear and tear. Once this has been noticed and repaired early it would only be a minor repair rather than causing more problems to the roof and may cause a new roof instead of a simple repair.

If you wish to discuss our maintenance packages or are concerned you may have a repair please call one of our Manchester based team.

Roofing Insulation

It is important to have roofing insulation as your home looses most of its heat through your roof. We can provide insulation within your existing roof or install the insulation within the new roof across Manchester and Cheshire. Having a good quality insulation will save you money on your heating bills and at FixAllRoofing we only use high quality insulation.

There are seven different types of insulation available and our roofing team have a good knowledge and experience will all the different types. Before undertaking the roof insulation one of our designs will discuss with the best type of insulation for your property to ensure you are receiving the best quality service from us.