Solar Panel Pest Control

Why Get Your Solar Panels Protected Against Pests

Solar panels cost a lot of money and they are an investment worth protecting from birds such as Pigeons or Ravens that can nest under them. These solar panels can also be a nesting place for other vermin such as Squirrels tha t can cause serious damage to solar panels and with it costsly repairs. You will probably know you have a problem with pigeons or other birds from the scratching sounds and other noises from  underneath the panels. Unfortunately your solar panels are the pefect nesting spot offering shade and protection from the sun and the rain.

What damage can pigeons and other vermin do to solar panels
Pigeons and other birds have in their droppings a high acidic content that can cause corrosion and damage to the structure of the panels and any electrical wiring. Also when these bird build nests these can attract other pests such as squirrels which can gnaw through wiring that can cause electrical shorts or even roof fires. You may also find that the efficency of your panels is reduced because the faeces when it covers the surface of the solar panel decreases the effectiveness of the panels.

Birds and other vermin are attacted to bright colours they can as mentioned above chew at the wiring causing electrical short circuits or even roof fires.

How do you bird proof solar panels
The best way of bird proofing your solar panels is to install a mesh around the perimiter of the panels to ensure the underneath of the panels are not accessible to birds and squirrels. This is securley clipped to the outside structure of the solar panel and can not be penetrated by birds or squirrels.


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