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Flat Roofing

At FIXALLROOFING we provide Flat roofing services in and across Manchester including the Cheshire area. Flat roofs are generally used for porches, garages and extensions. It is essential to use the best quality materials for flat roofing as there is a greater risk of water leaking.

To ensure that your flat roof will remain water tight we use materials purchased from CureIt which is a GRP Fibreglass Roofing System. This system is a wet-laid cover (comprising of a Reinforced Mat immersed with Roofing Resin) connected over a safely fitted OSB3 18mm T&G deck.

The edge of the rooftop and any adjustments in pitch are solved with an array of GRP Edge Trims. The complete flat roof is then applied a hard wearing Roofing Topcoat.

We carry out different types of repairs from cracks, bubbles, torn edges along with installing a new flat roof. If your flat roof is badly damaged it is not possible to put a new flat roof over the top as this will not ensure it is waterproof. FixAllRoofing will always carry out an assessment of your roofing repairs.

We repair and install flat roofs across Manchester and Cheshire.

Our specialist team only use high quality products when installing a new flat roof and we will ensure that the flat roof remains water tight. It is important to repair flat roofs as soon as you notice any damage as it is more cost effective to repair just the damaged section.


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