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Lead Roofing

We specialise in Lead Roofing for all types of properties in the Manchester area. We specialise in all aspects of Lead works including restoration, new build and repair work. As the cost of Lead has increased and there has also been reported theft of Lead we offer a service that we be an anti-theft system called DNA Grease. FixAllRoofing offer this system to all customer that are having a Lead roof within Manchester and Cheshire to try an assure our customers that they will not be a victim of this theft.

Lead Roofing is very durable and with our customers being in Manchester and Cheshire we understanding that having a roof that can withhold all the rain we have then Lead would be a very good choice. Lead roofs are very popular with domestic and commercial properties but we have also carryout Lead works for schools and churches so no job is too big or small.

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