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Tiled Roofing

We use different types of tiles from concrete to clay and there are also interlocking tiles that can be used. All the tiles come in different sizes from small to large. The most traditional way of bedding the roof is called morta bedding. At Fixallroofing we are experienced in using different types of fixing methods across Manchester and Cheshire.

At Fixallroofing we have experienced roofers that have many years of experience when dealing with tiled roofs. If your roof has become damaged due to age or been weather beaten we will happily come and asses the roof free of charge. We have worked on many different properties from homes to commercial buildings. Fixallroofing are renowned for the excellent services we have provided across Manchester and Cheshire.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is very watertight and it can withhold all weather conditions, here at FixAllRoofing we are very experienced at installing and repairing slate roofs. We have used slate on many domestic and commercial properties in Manchester and Cheshire. The only problem with slate roofs are when one slate becomes damaged it can be difficult to just replace the one slate due to the tight locking system used to fix them to the roof. As long as the slate roof has been installed correctly it will last the life time of the property. At FixAllRoofing we are experienced in using slate that has been reclaimed as well as new slates, these can be from any part of the world.


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