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New Roofs

In some cases it is more cost effective to have a new roof rather than have the roof repaired because having a new roof does not cost as much as you think. The cost of a new roof can vary in price and there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding what type of new roof to have installed.

There are certain costs that you cannot manage:

  • The height of your building will have an impact on the cost of the new roof because we would require more scaffolding the higher the building.
  • The location of your property will depend on the cost as we need to consider how accessible your property is for delivery of materials. If your property is exposed then more fixings will be required on the tiles or slates.
  • When your old roof covering is removed we may find that a foam insulation has been used and it incurs costs to remove this from the old tiles or slates. In some cases the old tiles maybe reusable on the new roof or sold to reclaimed merchant.
  • You also need to consider the complexity of the new roof as it will take the roofer longer to install. This would only occur when you wish to have lights, hips and dormers. The cheapest type of roof is a straight up and over with no brakes in the tilling.
  • When having a new roof installed it is best to think about the surrounding elements like the guttering, fascias and soffits. If these elements are close to needing repair or replacement it is better to replacement at the same time because the scaffolding is already in place and will effectively reduce the costs.

You can control the cost of the new roof when it comes to selecting the tiles for the roof. The tiles add up to a third of the costs of the new roof, so it is important to have your say when deciding on the materials. It is important to think about how the new roof will look in ten years time as well as how well the roof will fit in within your surroundings. We install new roofs around Manchester and Cheshire and would suggest that a curved tile is better than a flat tile as it is more durable and efficient at shredding water off the roof.

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Testimonial - Roof Repairs

Slate & Tiled Roof

Excellent job from Anthony and his lads, fitted the roof repair in at short notice and completed the task quickly and at very reasonable cost.

Andy, M28

Slate & Tiled Roof

Prompt and reliable - very good work done - would definitely use again

Pam, M30

Slate & Tiled Roof

i got a quote for my roof on the 06/11 and the work to the roof was started on the 07/11. the work was to a high standard and both the lads finished the work even in the dark. Both the lads cleaned up after themselves and the price for the work was very reasonable. I would well recommend this company . thankyou. Janet M30.

Janet, M30

Slate & Tiled Roof

FixAll Roofing replaced the roof above our bay window. There were a few issues along the way as it was a more complicated job than first thought. Anthony dealt with these issues very professionally and efficiently. As he said, "I'm not happy until you're happy." We thought this showed a high level of customer care and in the end we were very pleased with the job. Thanks again.

Lizzy, M16

Slate & Tiled Roof

Anthony and his team were excellent in every aspect of their work. They worked in awful weather but my new roof is beautiful. I would certainly recommend them . A job very well done. Thank you. Pete and Jackie Evans. Irlam.

Peter, M44